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Grupo Santander is now ranked number tenth in the world by market capitalisation within its sector. It is an international group which combines a solid local presence with strong global capacities and operates in three large geographic areas, Continental Europe, United Kingdom and Latin America. The Group's main business areas are: Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking and Asset Management and Insurance.
Santander has a unique alliance with universities through Santander Universidades and Universia as it believes that education is the best way to contribute to social progress.

Caja Cantabria is a financial organization, saving bank, founded in 1898, having a private fundational and social nature. It offers the same products as banks, and due to its nature certain percentage of its results go, by law, to social activities (educational projects, cultural activities, etc..)
Nowadays Caja Cantabria manages a volume of business near the 10,800 million euros and has a network of more than 160 offices.


The University of Cantabria is a public, young, medium-sized university that was established in 1972 when the University district was set up. Currently, the number of students is about 15,000 and degrees are awarded in Sciences, Law, Arts, Medicine, Business Administration and Management, Economics, Nautical Studies, Engineering and Telecommunications.

What makes this institution special is its dedication to teaching and researching in the sciences. Because it is a public university that was newly created, it has seen the benefits of recent developments in scientific technology.

Consejería de Industria, Trabajo y desarrollo Tecnológico

One of the objectives of this government department is the collaboration in the plans of researching, development and innovation applied to the industry, as well as in the establishment of technological centres. Industrial infrastructure promotion, elaboration and management of aid programs and incentives destined to promote the establishment, modernization of the industrial weave, the research and development, the power efficiency, the incorporation to the society of the information and in general to promote better conditions of industrial competitiveness.

Consejería de Cultura, Turismo y Deporte

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Plan Regional I+D+i de Cantabria (R&D Regional Plan)

The R&D Regional Plan (PRIDI) seeks to fulfill a relevant function in the context of a society of knowledge, whose postulates are aligned with the aim stated by the European Union in the Lisbon Summit: to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge economy in the world.

The Spanish Government has promoted the INGENIO 2010 Program, which seeks to close the ‘scientific-technological gap’ in relation with the rest of the UE countries.

The Government of Cantabria has also prioritized this policy, by presenting it as one of the twelve strategic axes of the so-called ‘2004-2007 Plan de Gobernanza’. Thus, the axis‘Technological, Business and Industrial Design of Cantabria’ expressly intends to foster the System of Regional Innovation through vehicles such as the R&D Regional Plan.


EMCANTA aims at contributing to the improvement of the quality of services provided by the public Cantabrian Administrations to the citizens, companies and organizations. In an efficient and flexible way, they ensure an efficient use of the new Information and Communication Technologies.

More especifically, EMCANTA is the instrument to spur the projects in the regional Administration.



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